2020: Saturday Morning at the Law School

  • November 7: Al Lucas, Carbon Taxes: What are the Limits to Federal Constitutional Power? (slides)
  • October 3: Indra Maharaj, COVID-19, Procedural Fairness and Energy Regulation in Alberta
  • September 26: Judy Stewart, Life Without Me? I Really Can’t Imagine Such a Thing! Why We Need Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives
  • September 12: Kamaal Zaidi, Renewable Energy Developments in Alberta
  • June 27: David Wright, Climate Change and the new Impact Assessment Act
  • June 13: Lisa Silver, Driving to the legal limit - How little is too much? Understanding the new impaired driving regime
  • January 18: Martin Olszynski, Alberta's Underfunded Environmental Liabilities Problem