2016: Saturday Morning at the Law School

  • November 25: Jennifer Koshan, "Medically Assisted Dying - Past, Present and Future"
  • October 29: Arlene Kwasniak and Alastair Lucas, "How Public are Public Lands"
  • September 24: Judy Stewart, “The Role of Environmental Governance Networks in Alberta’s Watershed-scale Integrated Resource Management System”
  • June 4: Fenner Stewart, "An Introduction to Oil and Gas Law"
  • May 14: Judy Stewart, "Life Without Me? I Really Can't Imagine Such a Thing! We Need Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives"
  • April 23: Sharon Mascher, "Climate Change Law and Policy in a Post-Paris Agreement World"
  • March 19: Chilenye Nwapi, "Concerns about Alberta Companies Bribing Public Officials in Developing Countries"
  • February 20: David Laidlaw, "Aboriginal Law 101 Updated"
  • January 23: Giorilyn Bruno, "Alberta’s Private Surface Agreements Registry"